The Arctic capital is perfectly located on an island in a bay between high mountains, islands and narrow fjords. With more than 72,000 inhabitants, the big, small town can boast of an excellent selection of restaurants, nightclubs, shops, museums, art, and cultural scene. 








In addition to the international airport only 10 minute’s drive from the city centre hotels, the city is also proud to be home to the Norwegian Arctic University, with over 20,000 students and employees. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we unofficially claim to be the city in Northern Europe with the most bars per capita?

Tromsø is also the entrance portal to the country of the northern lights. With a perfect geographical location, and with an infrastructure that makes it easy to locate from coast to inland,

Tromsø is probably the place that gives you the greatest opportunity to experience the green and sometimes purple and reddish northern lights fluttering wildly across the sky in the world. You can enjoy a northern lights safari, northern lights cruise, northern lights ski trip, northern lights accommodation in a glass igloo, or just take a walk home from the bar with nature’s disco light dancing over the city.

For two months, 24 hours every day, the darkness covers Tromsø, and the Winter turns dark. 
But this is compensated with two bright months during the Summer with shimmering nights and days in the midnight sun. You forget what time it is and can enjoy all the pulsating hub Tromsø has to offer. 

When the snow subsides and the Winter is just around the corner, the ‘Tromsøværing’ wraps himself in warm clothes to carry out an almost endless range of different Winter activities. They go skiing using thin, light, thick, or wide skis. They strap on the dog’s harnesses and mush a team of six to ten dogs through snow-covered landscapes, or around valleys and across mountains using snowmobiles. They throw snowballs and build snow caves, sculptures, and ice hotels where you can spend the night. 

The Sami herd the reindeer, and you get to sit on reindeer sledges and hear about Sami culture and reindeer husbandry in lavvu. For several years, the fjords north of Tromsø have also been full of herring, which in return has given the residents magnificent visits from hungry humpback whales and killer whales who have a proper feast for three months before moving on to warmer regions. In the Summer you can paddle or go on a sea safari. 

  • You can run a marathon in the middle of the night in the red-hot midnight sun. 
  • You can walk, run, or cycle in the mountains. Sail, cruise or stay in the rowing boat while fishing in the sea or catch a real catch in world-famous trout and salmon rivers.
  • Stay at state-of-the-art hotels in the city, enjoy romantic lodges and private villas, or visit fjord- or beach hotels in unique surroundings.

Activities offered in Tromsø.

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