Culinary experiences

For thousands of years, the Norwegians have lived by harvesting from nature. The large seasonal variations give us a wide range of delicacies all year round.

The elongated coast gives us direct access to the freshest fish, shellfish, and whales, while the sweetest berries grow wild on the plateau. Local farms ensure that we can serve both locally produced meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Go fishing and eat fish soup on board the boat with minute fresh produce or let a professional free diver bring up your food from the bottom of the sea. Make a beach landing during the kayak tour to grill the lunch on the fire, learn culinary arts from some of the world’s foremost seafood chefs, in a fish farm, in a barn or around a bonfire in a lavvo. Eat under the open sky, on a mountain, in the midnight sun or under the northern lights. Or at a really good restaurant.

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