DMC and Travel Design

We are very passionate about showcasing our beautiful country and culture, and we want you to be our guest, whether you are a first-time visitor or an experienced friend of Norway – to experience our part of the country as we locals experience it as our home.

As locals, we are always up to date on the latest and most exciting offers. We tailor programs and experiences with heart and personality so that you can see our favourite places, eat at our favourite restaurants, enjoy the view from our favourite mountains, meet the local enthusiasts in one place, and take part in our rich and diverse culture.

We want to acknowledge and understand our customers’ wishes and needs to be able to design an unforgettable trip. If your request is a tour full of experiences and adventures, or a relaxing stay at one of our lodges, with time to enjoy the silence and peace – we will make sure to plan and strategize so that your tour will be exceptional and rememberable.

We customize individual journeys, self-development quests, or complete expeditions with everything including entertainment, guided tours, accommodation, transport, and meals included.

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