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Wolf Lodge

Imagine waking up in a comfortable king-size bed hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle. There, right outside your bedroom window lies a couple of silver-fured animals, also enjoying a slow morning in the beautiful Arctic.

You get out of bed and walk carefully towards the floor-to-ceiling window that separates you from the silver furs. Suddenly, the animals turn their heads towards you, and there you are, looking straight into the amber eyes of a wolf!

After enjoying this magical moment, you head up to the upper-floor dining room where a rich breakfast is served by a private chef and host. After breakfast, the animal keeper that greeted you upon arrival the day before, will join you in the living room and prepare you for a lifetime experience – an up-close interaction with the wolves. 

This is how a normal morning can start off at the Wolf Lodge. A stay at the Wolf Lodge includes a minimum of three nights with the wolves, a devoted animal keeper, a private chef and a host or hostess. You will get the chance to interact with the wolves every day, in addition to meeting the polar foxes, and taking part in the feeding of the other animals, such as lynx, bears, wolverine, moose and deer. 

The Wolf Lodge accommodates up to six adults.

Three deluxe master suites, with ensuite bathrooms for up to 6 people (8, if 2 of them are children. The suites are all based on the ground floor.

Upstairs you will find a spacious living room with dining area and kitchen, and a toilet

Every stay generates a donation to the Polar Park Wolf Welfare Fund​.



Where to find Wolf Lode



Live with the silver furs.

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