Meetings, Incentives and Events

Northern Norway is a place filled with exciting adventures and happenings indoors and outdoors and has become a recognized and well-known destination for business travels and events for Norwegians as well as foreign companies and organizations.

it all starts with

“Kor ska vi reis?”

There are many details and a lot of planning to do before you can get ready for the yearly business trip with your colleagues. Whether you are thinking about a kick-off party-, product launch or a bigger conference for clients and partners – we can help!

Let’s begin by asking: “Kor ska vi reis?”, which means: “Where do you want to travel”? You will find urban cities framed by fjords and mountains, historical and charming villages, hip small towns, and relaxing coastal communities. In the memorable poem “North”, Rolf Jacobsen writes that “This country is an elongated land. Most of it is North”.

Moment Norway is a regional DMC (Destination Management Company). We design unique and customized itineraries and events with a mixture of group activities, tours, off-site sightseeing, and upscale productions.

Our team will help you find the perfect site and the perfect location for your event. After you have decided on the location, we will customize a program that is adapted to all your wishes and needs. We will also manage everything for you, including booking, administrative planning, and scheduling, and most importantly, ensure that the implementation of the program is seamless so that you too can enjoy your time and focus on your colleagues, clients, and customers. 

our MAIN GOAL is to make you happy

"We love to work behind the scenes to make your company shine."

Our original and one-of-a-kind custom-designed programs will ensure an outstanding and unforgettable experience with focus on local and authentic adventures for all participants.

Our team is a proud group of Northerners who are passionate about the North, and we love to show off our elegant and magic nature. We are dedicated to showing you everything that the north has to offer. Based on our local knowledge, you can experience northern traditions and observe the extraordinary culture in the north. We all have extensive experience that springs from our voyages of discovery and event productions. Together with our partners, we are ready to push the boundaries of creativity, every single day. 

We maintain a high level of focus on quality from our suppliers and do extensive work to ensure that all the steps until delivery are cross-checked and of the highest quality. We place high importance on sustainability and protection of the environment, including smooth deliveries. All the local experts and specialists are extremely passionate about our northern region, and you will be able to meet all the local heroes. 



Offers for Companies

  • Custom designed tours
  • Site exploring and family trips
  • Event design and project planning
  • Local hosts
  • Private transportation during your stay
  • Guide-services
  • We will find the perfect destination for your event
  • Activities, excursions, happenings, and team building
  • We will find relevant and presentable entertainment
  • Content design

We can also help you plan meetings, conferences, mystery trips, celebrations, annual parties, product launches, Christmas parties, leadership meetings, seminars, or other arrangements. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you get started with the planning for your event! 

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