Our luxury properties

Moment Norway has exclusive access to several of Northern Norway’s most outstanding and luxurious properties. 

Several of the properties we offer have won international architecture and design awards and have been promoted in some of the world’s most famous magazines. The possibilities are endless when we host Northern Norway’s most exclusive properties. 

Imagne being able to...

  • Experience a private whiskey tasting from the local distillery in a lodge overlooking the fjord. 
  • Enjoy the northern lights all to yourself from the lodge’s jacuzzi. 
  • Attain a sea eagle safari with a yacht from the villa’s private pier. 
  • Have a world-class short-distance meal prepared with local ingredients by one of the world’s best chefs. 
  • Run a team of dogs on the mountain starting right outside the door of the lodge.

you will never forget

the amazing

the unique


the breathtaking

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