Boating trips

When cruising along the coast you will feel relaxed the longer the cruise boat takes you further away from all the stress and hustle in your everyday life. Sail calmly or speed away to iconic places, visit natural gems, abandoned fishing villages, or mining towns, or do a beach hike to explore nature and have a picnic on a desert island.

Experience the northern lights during a northern lights cruise, or sail in the glow of the midnight sun. Throw out a fishing line, or scout for animals such as killer whales and humpback whales, or polar bears on Svalbard! 

We use sailboats, sailing catamarans, old and traditional fishing boats, super-fast RIB boats, new, innovative electric catamarans, or architect-drawn spa boats. All will be customized to your wishes and needs.

The northern coastline is the most beautiful in Norway, and the sea route will in some cases also be shorter than the road on land, and thus also functions as an efficient transport method.

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