Northern lights activities

Be enchanted by Sami joik under the northern lights or let yourself be pulled by a dog sled team over the snow-covered plateau while the northern lights flutter over you.

Hike with skis or snowshoes, into a valley, up to a peak, or down to the shore. Sail, or enjoy a fine dinner on an evening cruise, or join a trip out into the wilderness, and enjoy campfire coffee in the lavvo – while the hosts eagerly tell you about how the northern lights occur.

Relax, in a lovely bed in a glass igloo while the northern lights provide the evening’s entertainment. For us, it is not just about finding the Northern Lights but creating unforgettable moments underneath it.

As autumn turns into winter, the sun also disappears below the horizon for a longer period. In Lofoten, the sun is gone for about a month, in Tromsø around two, while the polar night in Longyearbyen lasts for about three and a half months. This period is better described as the colour period, as the sky is a constantly changing colour palette.

When it starts to get dark in the afternoons, there are opportunities to see the northern lights. On the darkest days in Tromsø, you can see the northern lights as early as three o’clock in the afternoon.

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