Previous moments & events


Management meeting on a desert island

When two international companies with a total of 20,000 employees were to gather 120 of their top managers for their first joint meeting, they chose the tour in Tromsø which we had designed for them.

The guests arrived by charter plane and a private plane and were gathered for a private welcoming, and intimate concert in the Arctic Cathedral, followed by dinner at Fjellheisen.

The next day we brought the group out to a beautiful little island outside Tromsø by boat, where we had rigged 70 tents and lavvus where they would spend their day.
After a mountain hike, workshops, grilling on the pier, and a night in the midnight sun, they were picked up by fishing boats and RIB boats that were to take them on some real northern Norwegian adventures.

After beaching for lunch, the guests got to try water scooter, sailyak, SUP, and other water activities.

The trip finished when they returned to Tromsø for a gala dinner and closing party.

International product launch in the midnight sun on Sommarøya

Carl Zeiss wanted a different launch of their latest optical solution and looked for a place where they could create an unforgettable experience for a carefully selected audience.

Together with Carl, we designed what was to be an expedition of experience posts at different locations on beautiful Sommarøya.

When bad weather and unforeseen events in Europe caused the plane to be delayed by almost 12 hours, we had to pull around at the last minute and turn around and compress the entire program to be able to be completed in half the time.

For accommodation, we had privatized the entire Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, the old, venerable Hurtigruten «Gamle Salten».

The main part of the product presentations took place inside the salon on an old passenger ferry and inside a disused fish farm where we rigged and rebuilt three reception halls.

In the evening, barbecue food was served on the beach where we had set up a rig consisting of four interconnected lavvus with bar, dance floor, and seating areas.

Guests from all over the world enjoyed the experience in the midnight sun, and the last sea safari with RIB returned to the harbor at 5:00 in the morning.

Reward trip for an international company under
the Northern Lights in Tromsø

590,000 independent salespeople around the world competed for the best numbers, and 100 people could celebrate the victory.

The big price was a guided tour full of Arctic Winter experiences, designed and delivered by our team in Tromsø.

The guests got to ride a dog sled and learn about Sami art and culture before they were picked up in the middle of the fjord with RIB boats that took them on a fjord safari with the last stop at the alpine park in Tromsø. Up in the alpine park we had rigged up our largest and most exclusive lavvu rig ever.

Four interconnected lavvus formed the location for tonight’s gala dinner. For the occasion, we brought in one of the city’s best restaurants that moved his entire kitchen into our lavvu to be able to deliver live cooking with first-class ingredients and world-class food. 

The floors were insulated to maintain a comfy temperature, and the dance floor was in front of the stage where the DJ and karaoke host were located. The tables were covered with five-armed candelabra, and we had specially designed floral decorations delivered from a local florist.

At the entrance, we had a wardrobe ready for outerwear as the lavvu kept a stable temperature of over 20 degrees throughout the evening.

After dinner, a spectacular show was shown with music and pictures projected over the descent on the alpine slope, while two skiers topped it all off with smoke in the company’s colors.

Store managers with a concert on the farm
and stand-up show in a beach tent

We love customers who dare to think outside the box by creating unforgettable experiences for their partners and collaborators.

When the city’s largest shopping center wanted to arrange a party, repeating the success from the last four years, we knew that they appreciated our event planning.
This time we arranged a quiz outside their building and followed up with an enjoyable stand-up show in a beach tent.

The night was wrapped up with a theme party on a farm with a magnificent concert experience overlooking the fjord.  

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